Watchwith, the leader in related content syndication, unlocks value for the entertainment industry by transforming how people experience video. Watchwith was originally founded as the Related Content Database (RCDb) and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.


Watchwith is led by a diverse team with extensive experience at the intersection of technology, media and entertainment. The team combines a strong understanding of the home entertainment, pay TV, and digital distribution business with a world-class reputation for technical development, innovation and service delivery.

  1. Zane Vella, CEO and President

    As co-founder and CEO, Zane drives the strategic and creative vision of Watchwith. Zane inspires Watchwith employees, partners and customers to realize new opportunities at the intersection of television and the Internet. Zane is a proven innovator of entertainment and technology and an accomplished producer and director. Prior to founding Watchwith in 2006, Zane was co-founder and CEO of MX Entertainment where he led innovation and development of early DVD, Blu-ray, and digital distribution products for Hollywood studios and major record labels.

    Prior to founding MX in 2001, Zane was president and creative director at SmashTV, a media technology and development company specializing in music and entertainment applications. SmashTV was known for its high-profile and pioneering work with entertainment brands including Apple, MTV Networks and Wired Ventures. Zane produced one of the first live webcasts in 1994 from the Lollapalooza Festival, developed the "Live@Exploratorium" webcast series for NASA and the NSF, and in 1993 created CitySpace, the first user-generated real-time 3D virtual world on the Internet. Zane holds a Master's in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard University and a Bachelor's degree from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.

  2. Geoff Katz, Vice President, Business Development and Marketing

    Geoff oversees the business development and marketing components of the Watchwith vision, helping television networks, multichannel video programming distributors and consumer electronics manufacturers bring their cross-platform sync-to-broadcast initiatives to life. Over the last 10 years he has contributed to two Primetime Emmy® Award winning interactive television projects. Throughout his career Geoff has held executive positions at pioneering interactive television companies, TiVo and DIRECTV, and at breakthrough emerging media platform companies such as Liberate, Excite@Home, and PacketVideo. He is a listed inventor on U.S. Patent 6,604,242 - filed in 1998 - combining television broadcast and personalized interactive information. In December 2010, Geoff was elected to his second consecutive term on the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Board of Governors representing the Interactive Media Peer Group. He has also served on the Television Academy's 2011 Executive Committee and as co-Chair of the 2011 and 2012 Primetime Emmy Engineering Awards Committee.

  3. Mike Dalrymple, Vice President, Engineering

    Mike is responsible for the technical design, implementation and development of the Watchwith Platform technology. Mike has over 15 years experience in high availability systems architecture and engineering. He has architected solutions serving millions of connected devices and consumers for content and consumer brands including Disney and Fandango. Previously with DHAP Digital and Modem Media, he designed and implemented web applications for Toyota, American Century, Gymboree, and PBS.

Board of Directors

  1. Dan Becker

    Samsung Electronics, Corporate Development, Director

  2. Michael Lee

    Rogers Venture Partners, Managing Partner

  3. Zane Vella

    Watchwith, CEO

  4. Stephen White

    Gracenote, President

Board of Advisors

  1. James Gosling

    James Gosling is credited as the inventor of the Java programming language and implemented its original compiler and virtual machine. Prior to the acquisition of Sun by Oracle, James was the Chief Technology Officer of Sun's Developer Products Group and the CTO of Sun's Client Software Group. James briefly worked for Oracle after the acquisition of Sun, as well as at Google, and is currently Chief Software Architect at Liquid Robotics. James provides strategic and technical guidance to the Watchwith team.

  2. Gerard Kunkel

    Gerard is a digital media executive with extensive experience in cable TV, technology and media industries. Currently, Gerard serves as Media Strategy Advisor to Microsoft, where he works with the executive team shaping the product plans for television and other media to Microsoft's many entertainment products. From 2003 to 2011, Gerard served as SVP, User Experience and Product Design at Comcast. Gerard joined Comcast as president GuideWorks, a joint venture of Comcast and TV Guide. Prior to Comcast, Gerard was President of WorldGate Communications, President of Broadband Applications Development Company.

  3. Kenny Miller

    Kenny is Founder and Executive Creative Director at NY-based KMco and has extensive experience in software, gaming, branding and television. Kenny has founded multiple digital media initiatives for major media companies including Noggin for Nickelodeon. Most recently, he was EVP, Creative Director Global Digital Media at MTV Networks. Kenny is an accomplished innovator in digital media and in the application of new platforms and technologies to enhance content development, production, and distribution.

  4. Michael Naimark

    Michael Naimark is a practicing media artist, Visiting Associate Professor at the MIT Media Lab, and a Research Associate Professor in the USC School of Cinematic Arts' Interactive Media Division. Michael helped found a number of prominent research labs including the MIT Media Laboratory, the Atari Research Lab, the Apple Multimedia Lab, and Interval Research Corporation. Michael is helping guide the evolution of the Related Content Database, our exploration of crowdsourcing, and the growth of our contributor network.