Context is everything.

Watchwith puts context to work for the TV business. 

Context is knowing what's happening at a particular moment of video in order to better understand the emotional state of the viewer. Context is understanding the people, places, things and action happening in the video that are relevant to an audience and an advertiser. Watchwith unlocks context for TV networks and makes it a critical part of new data driven ad products.

Data-driven understanding of content and audiences is a new development for TV and we are an enabler of this wave of innovation.

Watchwith advanced video metadata creation adds unprecedented intelligence to video. We make video smarter by leveraging our powerful automated machine intelligence platform; coupling machine vision and content analysis with the world's leading advanced video metadata editorial tools for creating video intelligence.

By leveraging Watchwith video metadata and real-time audience data, we can uniquely deliver contextually relevant and addressable advertising. Why? Because context is everything.