Our Story

“What we’re doing in the big picture is evolving the television and advertising experience - helping to turn viewers’ curiosity and desire into action.”
-Zane Vella, CEO

Founded in March 2012

Watchwith makes it fast and easy for producers to keep their web, mobile, social, and advanced TV experiences fresh and engaging for the audience.  Watchwith provides a hosted software platform for television networks to create, schedule and deliver perfectly timed interactive content, advertising and commerce opportunities in sync with their shows and commercials. Watchwith is in the business of helping content owners create new licensable interactive content around their films, tv shows and commercials that will generate profits across media far into the future.

Who we work with

Watchwith gives television producers, broadcasters, cable networks and app developers a simple and powerful way to increase engagement and create new advertising inventory around their programming and to deliver that experience to connected consumers on any screen. Television producers and marketers use Watchwith Showrunner™ to efficiently author and schedule original sync-to-broadcast content. The Watchwith Real-Time API™ delivers sync-to-broadcast interactive content events, one-click commerce, and contextual advertising around live events and pre-recorded programming and commercials. The Watchwith platform also enables business rules-based content syndication that allow customers to control the related content experience in apps on smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, game consoles, direct-to-consumer TV second-screen companion apps, Twitter and Facebook.

The Related Content Database

The Related Content Database™ was originally established in 2006 to provide content owners with a database in the cloud that enables them to add related content experiences to their Blu-ray™ discs. Our proven software solutions and data services have been deployed by major film studios and consumer brands including The Walt Disney Company, 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Warner Bros, Netflix, Fandango and Totalmovie. The Related Content Database contains second-by-second time-based metadata for over 8000 feature films and television programs. Today, the tools we’ve used internally to create this catalog of licensable time-based metadata have evolved into the Watchwith Platform. The Related Content Database remains a core component of the platform.