Think beyond the break.


Interrupting TV programs with commercial messages has been the mainstay of the television business, but times are changing. Today, digital distribution opens up a new opportunity and a better way to monetize the audience's attention. This opportunity is to also deliver contextually relevant and precisely targeted "in-program" brand experiences. Traditional ads won't go away, but in-program ads deliver on the promise that when you know the context of what's happening in the program, and combine that with information about the viewer, the TV programmer is uniquely positioned to deliver new advertising experiences to viewers.

Now, to be clear, in-program advertising is not simply an 'overlay' or jamming annoying banner ads into video. The opportunity for TV programmers and advertisers is to leverage the power of high production-value design, animation and interactivity to tell brand stories within the context of programs. When delivered in context and with appropriate interactivity, these experiences are embraced by today's audience. And that's where the magic happens....unprecedented brand recall and net positive brand impact.

Whether you traffic native Watchwith ads, leverage our integration with Doubleclick for Publishers (DFP), or use other 3rd party ad servers, Watchwith provides the ultimate flexibility for TV programmers to monetize viewers and first party data wherever they are watching.