Watchwith was born with Hollywood, Silicon Valley and Madison Avenue DNA.

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Watchwith was founded in March 2012 by a small group of entertainment and technology industry veterans sharing a mutual passion for making television better for consumers through innovative applications of new technologies. Our exec team has been solving problems in the TV technology space since the late 1990s. We pioneered innovative consumer experiences for advanced digital set-top boxes and connected devices like Blu-ray™ well before web & mobile video, tablets and Smart TVs became ubiquitous –and we continue to leverage that knowledge base to push boundaries for our TV network and advertiser customers.

The Watchwith team started as RCDb (Related Content Database, Inc.) in 2006 to provide feature film studios with a database in the cloud that enables them to add related content experiences to their Blu-ray™ discs. By 2010, RCDb software solutions and data services had been deployed by major film studios and consumer brands including The Walt Disney Company, 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Warner Bros, Netflix, Fandango and Totalmovie. 

In early 2010, Zane Vella, RCDb's founder, reached out to Michael Naimark at the USC's School of Cinematic Arts to see what they were doing with movie metadata and to consider the possibility for a joint project. A collaboration formed, the project came to be called Movie Tagger Alpha (MTA), and commenced in the fall of 2010 with the goal of examining how tags on movie timelines (Time Data) can be used in cinema studies to probe the preceding questions. Michael Naimark and Eddie Elliot's vision for Movie Tagger was "a method and system for parsing and richly tagging every movie ever made". Movie Tagger Alpha was an early experiment exploring the potential of that vision.

By early 2012, the Related Content Database contained second-by-second time-based metadata for over 8000 feature films and television programs. Amazon's IMDb partnered with us (the company was renamed Watchwith in March 2012) to power their groundbreaking actor/portrayal in-program consumer experience X-Ray for Movies on the Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

Today, our combined domain expertise, proven real-world experience, the Related Content Database, the APIs and advanced metadata authoring tools our team built and used to create that uniquely valuable catalog of advanced metadata has evolved into the Watchwith platform.