Watchwith and Dijit Media Partner on Sync-to-Broadcast Second Screen Experiences

San Francisco, California — February 26, 2013 — Watchwith®, the leader in related content syndication, and Dijit Media, the startup behind the popular NextGuide, Dijit Remote, and recently acquired Miso apps, today announced a strategic partnership to offer real-time synchronized second screen TV experiences to their users. The new Sync-to-Broadcast features will be added to the NextGuide app, and will support content experiences for a variety of popular TV shows from FOX Broadcasting and other broadcast and cable television networks.

“The industry is recognizing that programmers hold the keys to high-value, advertiser friendly, premium content experiences,” said Zane Vella, Watchwith CEO, “and that consumer experiences like NextGuide are important for reach and scale. Programmers deliver the content, NextGuide delivers the eyeballs”

“FOX is opening up new beachfront property on the second-screen for their most popular shows.” said Zane Vella, Watchwith CEO. “This groundbreaking FOX agreement, in addition to our long term platform-as-a-service agreements with NBC, USA Network, Bravo, and Syfy, signals an important step toward an industry standard solution for both programmers and advertisers.”

NextGuide taps the Watchwith API for access to authorized related content from a variety of broadcasters. When it finds available enhancements, the NextGuide app will visually highlight TV shows with Sync-to-Broadcast features, which can be viewed as a “second screen” during the live show airing. Television programming is increasingly including supplemental experiences, such as polls, trivia games, and “behind the scenes” content, which can now be delivered in NextGuide, the same app consumers use as a TV guide to discover great shows and movies to watch on their iPads.

“Our research shows consumers are increasingly using second screens to enrich the TV viewing experience,” said Michael Wolf, Chief Analyst with NextMarket Insights. “As more broadcasters leverage new capabilities built around technologies such as Sync-to-Broadcast, we believe this will further drive consumers to engage with live television using their second screen devices.”

“Our customers love using NextGuide to find great things to watch on live TV and streaming sources,” said Jeremy Toeman, CEO of Dijit Media. “By adding high value synchronized experiences from leading programmers, our users can not only discover new things to watch, but use NextGuide as a companion to their favorite shows.”

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Dijit Media is a startup transforming the way people discover and experience TV shows and movies. Dijit’s newest product is NextGuide, a hyper-personalized TV listings guide designed specifically for the iPad™. The company’s first app, launched in 2011, was the Dijit Remote — the top-rated iOS remote control app, which also powers the experience for the Griffin Beacon iOS accessory. The company is venture-backed, based in San Francisco and is helmed by a team of serial entrepreneurs including TV technology industry veterans Jeremy Toeman and Adam Burg, as well as Stanford alum Thomas Quinto. More information about the company is available at and more information about the app is available at

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Watchwith, the leader in related content syndication, unlocks value across the entertainment industry by transforming how people experience film and television. Watchwith gives content owners and app developers a way to realize new value by creating an engaging layer of time-based related content events, one-click commerce, and contextual advertising around film, television programming and commercials. Watchwith also provides business rules-based syndication of the related content experience to smartphones, tablets, connected TVs, game consoles and OTT set-top boxes. Powered by the Related Content Database™, Watchwith enables content owners to create new licensable related content properties that will generate profits across media far into the future. Watchwith is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. For more information visit

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