Telemundo and Syfy Prize Winners Built on Watchwith API

LOS ANGELES, California – November 24, 2014 – Two winners of the recent Comcast NBCUniversal Hackathon, Catch Novela and Inside the Galactica, each won $2500 in prize money and both used the Watchwith API to address the theme “New Forms of Storytelling Driven by Technology.” In addition to winning $1500 from official NBCU Business Partner challenges from Telemundo and Universal Cable Productions, both teams were also selected as winners of the Watchwith API Challenge and each received an additional $1,000 prize.

40 teams competed at the weekend Hackathon event at Universal City in Los Angeles, including over 300 designers, developers and entrepreneurs competing for $25,000 in total cash and prizes by developing next generation entertainment experiences to change the way people think about media.

Watchwith, provider of in-program audience engagement and advertising solutions for major TV networks, tasked hackers to develop applications which best utilized the Watchwith API to enhance the viewing experience. Special consideration was given to projects that helped viewers identify cast members, discover the soundtrack, feature products and utilize other related content made available via the Watchwith API. Two of the innovative winners included:

CATCH NOVELA - Telemundo Challenge Winner and Co-Winner of Watchwith API Challenge
Catch Novela allows viewers to quickly catch up on key developments in complex storylines by using a simple yet powerful episode recap powered by the Watchwith API.  Catch Novela was developed by Patrick McGoldrick, Cheryl Smith, Jennifer Smith, Mat Tyndall and Aerick Valentinus.

INSIDE THE GALACTICA – Universal Cable Productions Challenge Winner and Co-Winner of Watchwith API Challenge
Inside The Galactica uses the Watchwith API in conjunction with Unity Game Engine and Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to pull viewers deeper into the Battlestar Galactica story by literally putting them inside the famed Battlestar Galactica. Users are given the chance to explore the Bridge of the Battlestar, inspect Galactica’s FTL Drive in the Engine Room or browse the expansive Wall of Remembrance. Inside the Galactica was developed by Veronica Flint and Anisha Jethwani.

“Watchwith is committed to innovation so we were pleased to participate as an official NBCU Technology Partner in this Hackathon event,” said Zane Vella, Watchwith’s CEO and founder. “Both Catch Novela and Inside the Galactica are two great examples of innovative creative applications that use the Watchwith API in ways that none of our customers have done before.”

"Watchwith’s tools and powerful API allowed us to create an elegant solution that gives viewers of Telemundo’s popular novelas an even better experience with that content,” said Hackathon winner Mat Tyndall. “It was a lot of fun to participate, and was an honor to be recognized by both Telemundo and Watchwith for their respective challenges. Catch Novela has great potential and we hope to continue working with Telemundo and Watchwith to develop the concept further."



About Watchwith:
Watchwith provides a hosted software platform that broadcasters and television networks use to create, schedule and deliver in-program audience engagement and advertising. Television producers use Watchwith Showrunner™ to efficiently author original interactive content that is delivered via the Watchwith Real-Time API™ around live broadcast events, pre-recorded programming and commercials. Watchwith enables programmers to control the viewer experience around their content, and to connect with their audience across mobile, web, social and connected TVs. Watchwith is headquartered in San Francisco, California and investors include Rogers Venture Partners, Samsung, ARRIS Group, Inc. and Gracenote.  For more information about Watchwith, visit

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