Moat and Watchwith Strike Partnership for Measurement and Authentication of In-Program Advertising

Partnership Expands Moat’s Capabilities to New Video Advertising Format, Enables Watchwith to Offer Critical Viewability Metrics to TV Network and Brands


New York and San Francisco — December 15, 2015 — Watchwith, the TV technology company that enables in-program advertising for premium video programming, today announced a partnership with Moat, the independent SaaS marketing analytics firm focused on transforming online brand advertising through trusted measurement and analytics. 

The deal expands the capabilities of both companies. For Moat, this integration extends its market-leading measurement capabilities to include Watchwith in-program advertising for desktop and mobile video applications. These capabilities include reporting on the aggregate audience time spent with an advertisers message while viewing a video, as well as detailed user engagement and interaction with the in-program creative.

Watchwith, which recently announced its ability to deliver in-program advertising within a TV show based on the context and metadata of the program, will now be able to rely on Moat’s MRC-accredited platform to measure not just impressions but the viewability and engagement of in-program advertising for its TV network and premium video publisher customers.

“The video ad landscape is increasingly complex, with brand engagement happening in different ways, on various devices and platforms, and it’s important that Moat is aligned with the companies enabling these new ad experiences,” said Jonah Goodhart, co-founder and chief executive officer of Moat. “Our partnership with Watchwith ensures we can capture in-program activity from the TV networks and top-tier publishers.”

“As TV networks introduce advanced ad products like Watchwith, the industry needs a third-party system to verify viewer engagement no matter where or how it takes place,” said Watchwith CEO Zane Vella. “Now advertisers can buy in-program advertising with even greater confidence.”

Watchwith enables networks to deliver interactive overlay graphics at perfectly timed moments within a show. These in-program ads can be IAB-standard creative formats or Watchwith-native formats — including highly interactive promos, tune-in reminders, e-commerce events, and branded bonus content. Watchwith can also be used to enhance traditional TV advertising, enabling marketers to activate their commercials when viewed on phones, tablets, computers and smart TVs.

The two companies will introduce Moat-verified sessions beginning December 5, 2015.

About Watchwith:

Watchwith is the leading data-driven advertising platform used by TV programmers and premium video publishers to monetize their audiences with in-program contextual advertising. Watchwith enables advertisers to precisely target digital viewers with engaging, contextually relevant, interactive brand experiences — all within video content. Watchwith in-program ads offer unmatched viewability and superior brand recall, and are extremely effective with young viewers trained to ignore traditional interruptive ad breaks. Watchwith TV network customers include FOX Broadcasting, NBCUniversal and Viacom.

Media Contact:
JR Cordray