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What is Watchwith Televised™?

Watchwith Televised™ delivers interactive in-program experiences at perfectly-timed moments during a television program on connected TVs or set-top-boxes. Televised in-program experiences engage audiences and offers programmers new monetization opportunities for advertising, sponsorship and commerce on the first screen. 

Video producers use the Watchwith Showrunner™ tool to author perfectly timed in-program content that appears as an interactive overlay on connected TVs. While enjoying the program, viewers can use their TV remote control to seamlessly dive deeper into the show's backstory, learn more about characters and participate in audience polls – all without interrupting the program. Behind the scenes, the connected TV uses ACR (automatic content recognition) to identify the specific episode of the show being watched and launches the Watchwith Televised HTML5 application.


Technically speaking, the Watchwith Televised application has three key functions:

  1. Upon recognition of an enhanced program, Televised is downloaded to the television (or STB) and identifies ProgramID and ProgramTime from the host platform interface. Televised works with multiple ACR technologies or other ProgramID signal channels and is easily extensible to accommodate future platforms.
  2. Once Televised establishes ProgramID and ProgramTime on the host platform, Televised calls the Watchwith API and fetches a timeline of corresponding interactive events that have been authorized your producers specifically for each consumer platform. 
  3. Upon receipt of interactive events from the Watchwith API, Televised displays the corresponding HTML and CSS for each In-Program event type, following precise “in” and “out” points and other event specific data authored in Showrunner.