What is Watchwith Visualized™?

Watchwith Visualized™ is a proven, award-winning companion experience which gives producers and networks a powerful and simple-to-deploy solution to deliver interactive In-Program audience engagement and advertising that enhances television programming on the second screen.

Syfy Sync - 12 Monkeys

Watchwith Visualized™ Features

Flexible and Engaging:

  • Browser-based sync-to-broadcast companion app. 
  • Includes interactive timeline viewer plus the ability for users to browse upcoming episodes in addition to archived recaps. 

Rich User Experience

  • Responsively designed with three breakpoints to ensure a great experience on all devices: web, tablet and mobile. 
  • Intuitive vertical scrolling allows users to quickly navigate timeline events.

Branded and Customizable

  • Easily skinned to your brand's CSS as part of the initial setup. 
  • Design can leverage work-level assets uploaded to Watchwith so brands can customize branding assets per show, without IT involvement.

Optimized for Social 

  • Out-of-the-box integration allows users to share with Twitter and Facebook. 
  • Users who visit through shared links will be automatically deep-linked in the specific event within the show. If the show is currently live, they'll be encouraged to get in sync and tune in. If the show has previously aired, they can browse engaging timeline content and see when they can tune in next.

Measure and Improve

  • Google Analytics is provided out-of-the-box with Omniture integration available. 
  • See which types of events resonate with viewers and increase engagement week to week. 

Minimal IT Investment

  • No need for developers to integrate with the Watchwith API. Just embed Visualized in your page via a simple Javascript include and HTML div.